Climate Change and Sustainability

Oct,15 2020

Issues in Water and Energy Security

KRC Director, Tom FitzGerald, delivers Issues in Water and Energy Security at the 2020 Governor's Conference on Energy and the Environment.

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Greenhouse Gas Regulations and their Effect on Local Communities and the Poor

The increasing inability of those on low- and fixed-incomes to meet utility costs is a dire situation that affects the health of those individuals and families, and also has financial impacts on the remaining ratepayer base.

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Kentucky at the Crossroads: Adapting To A Carbon-Constrained World”

Kentucky is blessed with natural resources that are the envy of other states-more flowing stream miles than any other state save Alaska; a mixed mesophytic forest in Appalachia that is among the most diverse ecosystem on the globe...

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The Challenges Ahead

This is a time of great crisis and great opportunity. We have reached an important point in Kentucky’utility policies, standing with one foot in the past where adding value for the coal industry was the preeminent political concern, and...

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Oct,10 2002

Energy & the Environment

Tom FitzGerald, director of KRC, presents. The regulatory goal for state and federal agencies regulating coal extraction, combustion, and disposal should be conservative design, not minimum compliance.

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