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  • The next meeting of the KRC Board of Directors will be Wednesday, November 10, 2021 at 4:00pm
Finance Meetings
  • The finance committee meets on July 19, September 27, and November 15 at 5:00pm
Development Meetings
  • The development committee meets on the 2nd Monday August, October, December at 5:00pm.
KELI Meetings
  • The KELI committee meets on the 2nd Friday August, October, December at 9:30am.


Joe Childers, Chair of the Board of Directors for KRC, graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Law and has over 30 years of legal experience with specialties in environmental, mineral, and civil rights litigation. He has been successful in winning some of Kentucky's most notable cases, including unmined mineral taxation, the notorious "broad form" mineral deed, and surface owner's rights against natural gas companies. He currently lives in Lexington with his wife and two children.

Joe serves on the Policy and Financial Sub-Committees.


Betsy has practiced environmental law in Kentucky since 1994. Betsy brings her extensive experience to the KRC Board. She serves as the conservation chair for the Kentucky Chapter of the Sierra Club and is a board member on the Jewish Heritage Fund for Excellence. Betsy has also served on the Kentucky Environmental Quality Commission, the Olmsted Conservancy, and RiverFields. Betsy is a proud mother of two and a grandmother of six.

Betsy serves as the chair of the Policy Sub-Committee.


Born in Louisville, Alison Brotzge-Elder is happy to found herself back in her hometown and on the Board of KRC. She currently is a Social Media Lead at Humana and has extensive experience in both public relations and journalism. She spent six yeas as a producer for The Weather Channel where she witnessed first-hand the power of Mother Nature on countless occassions. Alison is a graduate of Boston University. She and her husband are avid gardeners. They have won multiple Kentucky State Fair ribbons for their produce. They live in Louisville their two children, dog and cat. 

"I am passionate about protecting and enhancing the environment of my home state. After spending years covering climate change for The Weather Channel, I returned to Kentucky and decided to get involved in broader work to bring economic justice to my fellow Kentuckians. For too long, the people of our Commonwealth have born the brunt of environmental and economic exploitation. KRC is on the frontline, fighting for the people directly impacted by that exploitation and standing up to protect our natural resources. I am proud to be a part of the Board and get involved in their work."

Alison serves on the Development Sub-Committee.


Sarah Lynn has been an environmental activist for a half-century.  (She's older than she looks and got started young!) Sarah Lynn Cunningham is a professional environmental engineer and environmental educator who graduated from the University of Louisville with degrees in environmental engineering, environmental history, and environmental education. She has worked with the Louisville and Jefferson County Metropolitan Sewer District, Jefferson County Board of Health, and Kentucky Division of Water. She is the co-founder of the Louisvillle Climate Action Network in 2007, where she seves as its Executive Director. Sarah Lynn is also a Board member of the Kentucky Conservation Committee.

Sarah Lynn serves on the Kentucky Environmental Leadership Institute and Finance Sub-Committees.


Originally from Louisville, Kentucky, Madison studied political scicence at the University of Louisville, before attending Northern Kentucky University and obtaining a Master's in Public Administration. During his graduate studies, he worked three seasons with the National Park Service in Ohio, North Dakota, and Washington. During this time Madison's passion for the natural world and environmental justice grew. Now, Madison seeks to serve his home state in endeavors to advocate for those downhill, downwind, and downstream.

"I want to join the KRC Board in order to help protect and preserve Kentucky's Natural Resources for generations to come."

Madison serves on the Development Sub-Committe.


Larry went to undergraduate and medical school at the University of Louisville. He completed training as a pediatrician and neonatologist and joined the faculty of the University of Louisville School of Medicine in 1974 and still serves as Professor of Pediatrics. Larry has served as Chief of the Division of Neonatology, Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics and Chief of Staff at The Children’s Hospital as well as Vice-President for Health Affairs. Larry was instrumental in the formation of Passport Health Plan and University of Louisville Physicians. Larry is married to Christine Cook, an obstetrician-gynecologist also on the faculty at the University of Louisville. Together, they have three children- Kirk, Brian and Amelia and four granddaughters. 

"I joined the board to do what I can to save our environment."

Larry serves on the Development and Finance Sub-Committees.


Roy Crawford grew up and lives in Whitesburg where he spent much of his youth hiking, camping, caving, and climbing on nearby Pine Mountain. He has served on the boards of the Kentucky Natural Lands Trust, the Pine Mountain Settlement School, the Pine Mountain Trail Conference, and Headwaters, Incorporated, among others. With a degree from Georgia Tech, he spent his last few working decades before retirement practicing forensic engineering.  In normal times he is in five music groups and his additional interests include reading, swimming, cycling, kayaking, and traveling.  His personal crusade is coal truck safety.
"I believe everyone should live in health, safety, and a clean environment. Without those it’s impossible to enjoy anything else."

Roy serves on the Finance Sub-Committee.


Arnita is a steward for those with environmental concerns. Formerly serving as the Executive Direcor of the Environmental Quality Commission in Louisville, she has managed Louisville's air pollution by securing funding that established a state-of-the-art laboratory at the University of Louisville to measure air toxins. Her achievement prevented human suffering and contributed to the Louisville economy by protecting the health of each citizen. Arnita is currently the Executive Director of the West Jefferson Community Task Force.

Arnita serves on the Kentucky Environmental Leadership Institute Sub-Committee.


London-native, Jim is an alumni of Sue Bennett College and Cumberland College, with a degree in aquatic biology. Jim has an extensive career in environmental biology research. Now Jim is the Horse Lick Creek Bioreserve Director. Jim continues to be dedicated to serving the Commonwealth and appreciates the importance of environmental stewardship. 

Jim serves as the chair of the Development Sub-Committee.



Dr. Lauren C. Heberle is the Director of the Center for Environmental Policy and Management and Associate Professor of Sociology. Dr. Heberle is also the lead investigator for the Community Engagement Core of the University of Louisville Superfund Research Center. She teaches environmental and social policy courses and urban sociology. Her expertise is in community participation in environmental decision making. Her areas of research include urban redevelopment, environmental policy, environmental justice, community engagement, and sustainable development. Dr. Heberle has a PhD in Sociology from Rutgers University and a BA in Public Policy from the University of Chicago. She grew up in Richmond and Louisville, Kentucky.
"I want to learn more about state-wide environmental issues and offer up my expertise in community engagement in environmental decision making."



After graduating from medical school at the University of Louisville, Tim completed a residency in Anesthesiology at Duke University. Eventually returning home, Tim has continued the full-time practice of anesthesiology in both private practice and an academic setting. Developing a deeper understanding of biological and cultural anthropology [as well as the science of regional and global climate change] over decades of reading and listening to others, Tim returned to the classroom several years ago to add more structure to his educational journey. In 2019, he received an MA-Anthropology from the University of Louisville. Currently serving on the Board of Directors of the ACLU-KY, Tim resides in Louisville with his wife, Caroline. They have two children, Sarah and Kiernan – he needs them to know that his generation must engage in the great environmental justice challenges that lie ahead.

"When asked about why he wanted to join the KRC Board, Tim shared a quote from Amanda Gorman: 'We relish the view; We witness its round green and brilliant blue, Which inspires us to ask deeply, wholly: What can we do?'"

Tim serves on the Kentucky Environmental Leadership Institute and Financie Sub-Committees.


Originally from Ashland, Kentucky, Adam studied at Centre College and graduated in 2017. Before attending the University of Louisville Brandies School of Law. Adam has worked for the LRC and KCARD during his time as a student. Currently, Adam is a litigation associate at Jenkins Fenstermaker in Huntington, West Virginina, and is excited to be able to contribute to the continued success of KRC's mission. 
"I joined the board to have the ability to help a non-profit, which focuses on the environment, succeed. KRC has great and inspiring staff, and I want to help them succeed."
Adam serves on the Kentucky Environmental Leadership Institute Sub-Committee.


Jane is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati where she studied journalism and political science. She has held progressive roles in both the public and private sectors across the country, from previously serving as a Public Information Officer for the City of San Diego to now serving as an Account Strategy Lead at Humana. Jane also serves on the Board of Directors for the Louisville Parks Foundation, the Louisville Northeast YMCA, and is the Treasurer of the Board for the University of Cincinnati's Friends of Communication Alumni Organization.
"I feel a deep obligation, as a steward for the environment, to not only build bridges between communities, corporations and governments to collectively protect natural resources, but to also hold polluters accountable for the role they play in the climate crisis facing current and future generations."


After growing up in Washington D.C., Roger Shott attended the University of Virginia Medical School and graduated in 1964. He completed his residency in pediatrics and neonatology, then continued on to serve in the US Military Medical Corp where cared for dependent children of Vietnam soldiers from 1967-1969. While continuing his practice of neontaology, Roger became a professor of nurseries as the University of Louisville Hospitals and Director of pediatric education for University of Louisville medical students for 20 years. After retiring, Roger became a board member of KRC and the Nature Conservancy. He currently lives in Louisville with his wife and has two sons, Brian and Eric. 

Roger serves on the Development and Finance Sub-Committees.


Hannah Weinstein is a market researcher and aspiring environmental educator. After graduating from Centre College in 2018, Hannah started her career in the financial sector. Now, Hannah is corporate strategy analyst at Humana. She hopes to apply her experience and knowledge with KRC.
"I wanted to join KRC so that I would have the outlet to inspire generations to come to deeply care and protect the environment, just as those who have came before have done for me."
Hannah serves on the Development, Finance, and Administration Sub-Committees.


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