As Others See Us


Sometimes, we can best judge the effectiveness of an organization by looking through the eyes of others. 

Here are some of the notes we've received recently:
All I had to do was say my message and give one bill name, and the hotline lady listed (guessed) all the others for me!  So apparently many people are calling due to KRC’s action alerts. Thanks for everything you do.
Thank you for your years of dedicated work for the “rights under law” for the people of Kentucky.  Who would the defenseless people of Kentucky turn to if there wasn’t the non-profit Kentucky Resources Council?  I think my lucky stars that my daughter found your organization and the work you do, on the website.  The Marathon Pipe Line Company was ready to take me and my family to the cleaners, until we obtained your advice and leadership.  In these present “political” days, the Kentucky people need the Kentucky Resources Council even more so, for leadership and protection. 
Gillian Scowby and Family, Nicholasville
Dear Fitz:  Keep up the outstanding work.  You are indefatigable. 
Maxine Gordon, Louisville, Kentucky
Our thanks to KRC and especially Fitz for your never-wavering belief that “we, the people…” can and do make a difference in our world with every small change that is made that benefits the environment.  Our gratitude for all you do is beyond words!  It’s an honor and privilege to work with you. KRC has been Kentucky’s “voice of the people” and we hope your voice will continue to be heard!  Thank you!  You’re the best! 
Bob and Deb Pekny, Frankfort, Kentucky
Dear Fitz and KRC: What would we do without you?! Obviously, things here would be even worse, had you not staved off over 20 years of bad and ugly bills.  Thank you so much for all your valiant efforts in 2018, such a rough year for you personally. 
Kate Cunningham and Edison, Louisville, Kentucky
My plans were to wait until cose to the end of the year to donate to KRC.  However, Trina’s wonderful poem did it!  The Council does such good and important work I wish the check were a hundred times over!  
Johanna Camenisch, Louisville, Kentucky
I sincerely appreciate all that you and others at the Kentucky Resources Council do for the people of Kentucky and the environment.  We are so fortunate to have your passion,, good spirit, and legal expertise to take on lawmakers and powerful lobbyists to make the Commonwealth a fairer and safer place. 
Sonia McElroy, Milton, Kentucky
My sleeves are rolled up, my face to the wind. God help us as we sail our little boat into these cold dark waters!
Laura Manges, Berea Kentucky
Keep fighting the good fight!
Pamela Conniff, Palm Coast, Florida
I know you will have a lot to fight these next four years.  God bless you for all you do.
Mary Jane Hartlage, Louisville Kentucky
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do.  You and your staff are very special people.  I have admired your environmental work for the people of Kentucky for years. 
Dr. Phyllis Hawkins, Louisville Kentucky
A very very special Merry Christmas to the best environmental attorney this state has ever seen and certainly is blessed to have!  You are a very special person Fitz!  Thanks for everything that you do.
The Messers, Boyd County Kentucky
Thank you so much for all your hard work.  Kentucky would be in poor shape without you!
Betsy Overstreet, Jefferson County Kentucky
 This donation is from my mother, Nancy Ballantine Bell, who passed in February this year.  She believed in what KRC is and does.  That belief persists in me. 
David Bell
Thanks for all you’ve done and continue to do.  You’re a blessing and an inspiration!
Chris Saporita, Brooklyn, New York
I still remember working with you on the Cement, Kosmos Plant so many years ago.  I realized then what a blessing you and your group are for Kentucky. We need you now more than ever.
Mary Jane Hartlage, Louisville
Good Annual Meeting!  Keep on keeping on.  We need KRC more than ever.
Frank Elsen, Louisville
Thanks for all you do on behalf of Kentucky and making the world a better place.
Lucy Crain, San Francisco
I enjoyed the fellowship [at the annual meeting].  That meeting made me even more convinced of the importance of the work you are doing. 
Wayne Barber, Smith’s Grove
Again we thank you for your hard work and dedication to helping preserve the Wolf Pen area.  Happy holidays! 
Wolf Pen Preservation Association
Years come and go but I don’t forget what you did for us.  Indeed you all were a blessing from God. 
Robin and Dan Higgins
Most of the amazing photos of Kentucky landscapes you see on our website were taken by local photographer Brandon Jett. 
Check out his Instagram page to see more.