Energy and Environment 101

Oct,25 2019

Host Agreements 101

Host Agreements 101 provides information to government solid waste management areas and to the public concerning the role that host agreements can play in assuring that the concerns of counties and communities hosting solid waste landfills

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Aug,01 2019

Electronic Waste: Making the Case for E-Waste Recycling Programs

Despite the fact that almost all e-waste can be reused, refurbished, or recycled, only 20% is actually handled appropriately due in large part to the lack of regulation and recycling infrastructure.

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Jul,10 2019

Environmental Justice 101

Environmental justice is a concept that proposes a more equitable distribution of pollution burdens throughout the United States. Kentucky Resources Council's policy team, Tom FitzGerald, and Liz Edmondson outline the steps needed to pursue this.

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Sep,10 2015

KRC Participates In Panel Discussion On EPA's Clean Power Plan At Governor's Conference On The Environment

KRC Participates In Panel Discussion On EPA's Clean Power Plan At Governor's Conference On The Environment

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Aug,04 2013

Eminent Domain Explored

Understanding Eminent Domain in Kentucky and how it relates to the Bluegrass Pipeline Project

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Oct,17 2002

Where to take those old computers and monitors.

Don't throw them out! There is an eco-friendly option right here in Kentucky.

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Oct,10 2002

Energy and the Environment: A Speech

Tom FitzGerald, director of KRC, presents. The regulatory goal for state and federal agencies regulating coal extraction, combustion, and disposal should be conservative design, not minimum compliance.

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Aug,19 2002

Environmental Concerns With Mining

The mining industry has been skating on the edge with their approach to worker safety and mining, and to social responsibility, and it has brought its woes on itself, and that the viability of the eastern coal industry.

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May,09 2001

Nuclear Half-Life

What the kids in Paducah have in common with the children of Chernobyl, and $1500 to the best Plutonium Memorial.

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