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Please leave a message for the “House Natural Resources and Energy Committee to vote NO on Senate Bill 349 because it would raise utility bills for Kentucky ratepayers by stacking the PSC process against renewable energy, and in favor of keeping uneconomic, aging, and polluting fossil fuel power plants.”

SB 349 compromises affordable electricity for Kentuckians! Kentucky has a longstanding history of providing reliable service using the most reasonable, least cost option. Coal is no longer the least expensive option and stacking the deck in favor of coal will invariably increase costs for the ratepayers. This saddles Kentuckians with the burden of paying for uneconomic energy generating units, while many are struggling under the weight of crushing bills.

The new commission (EPIC) is stacked with fossil fuel reps without placing Kentucky residency requirements on them, meaning this bill could be interpreted to cede Kentucky authority on major energy decisions to outsiders. This bill would alter the PSC decision making process unnecessarily and introduce bureaucratic redundancy, since the PSC and other sector participants already issue reports, like demand and energy forecasts, which EPIC is being created to issue.

KRC's Tom FitzGerald spoke out in the Kentucky Lantern about how SB 349 would burden ratepayers and make energy transition more chaotic. Read that commentary here. Read KRC's fact sheet here
By KRC on 03/20/2024 4:04 PM
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